Whether it’s with employees, clients, customers, or even patients, poor communication can mean disaster for a business.

Here are two major reasons why poor communication exists:

  1. not knowing specifically when it needs to exist, and
  2. the assumption that it already does exist

When you’re on the inside of a business looking out, it’s often hard to see gaps in communication—especially when your hands are already full getting your job done.

But when you have someone from the outside looking in? That’s where those gaps can be easily identified and remedied. My years of experience as a communication director have taught me how to listen and learn in order to discover what is missing—and how to fix it.

Whether it’s intra-communication (within) or inter-communication (between…clients, customers, patients,  etc.),  big business or small, I will help you see where communication needs improving and how to create solutions.

Healthier communication makes everyone happier. And happy people are good for business.

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The great enemy of communication…is the illusion of it.
~William H. Whyte
I don’t create illusions; I deliver reality.