Tech Tutor…a service of LAR Ink

Frustrated with your smartphone, tablet, or PC?

I can help you learn with one-on-one tech tutoring.

As a tech tutor, my mission is to help people learn how to use their personal technology. As someone with both teaching and technical experience, my goal is to offer patient, tech tutor logo_637cNBeffective learning opportunities to those who want to grow in understanding and use of their devices.

And as someone who has had challenges teaching those who are close to me, I aim to alleviate that frustration for family members by being the perfect “third party” to do the job.

Whether it is you—or mom, dad, grandma, or grandpa—if you wish you knew how to get more from your personal digital devices, I am here to work with you and help you learn.

“When we got our smartphones, they didn’t exactly make us feel smart. Our kids connected us with Lisa, and as a tech tutor, she started where we were and patiently led us to where we are now—not only calling and texting, but taking and sending photos, as well as accessing email and navigating our way in the world. She attuned herself to our needs rather than push us where we weren’t ready to go. If you’re frustrated with your ‘smart’ devices, I highly recommend Lisa as a tech tutor—she’ll help you learn that you’re pretty smart after all!”

~Pastor Charles S. Mueller, Sr.


With one-on-one tech tutoring, you will be able to go at a pace YOU (or your loved one) are comfortable with, and ask the questions YOU want answered.


“I love being able to text and share photos with my grandkids! Communicating the way they like to has really helped us be connected. And I can do so much more with my computer now, too!”
~Audrey Mueller

Hourly rates available.

Due to the nature of the service, you must be located in the Chicago area. Please contact me to begin putting an end to the frustration!